My dear André

Hello, my name Yurii Mazur, I am from Ukraine, Ivano-Frankivsk. I made sure you are a cool programmer and a good man by finding your videos on YouTube and then reading your cool blog.

I found you probably not by chance, I started my startup project PesoWebinar, its essence is to develop a site for buying tickets and broadcast webinars on the client’s domain (with access to only 1-2 plugins, pagebuilder and webinar manadge). I started without investment and team, having experience in html, css and even less in js,php I discovered WordPress thanks to plugins like (WebinarPress) I quickly managed to achieve the desired result, the first clients appeared and everything was fine until YouTube banned the insertion of their live broadcasts on my clients sites… I was forced to return the money to customers, no one wanted to pay $ 75 ++ for a third-party service like Vimeo (+ PesoWebianar monthly fee 49$). YouTube broce my business and I went bankrupt.

I decided not to give up and try to integrate the platform with my own video hosting (that’s how i found you) , but over time I realized that my knowledge of programming is not enough to quickly and efficiently solve this problem. My main profession is marketing (I have three higher educations, 2 bachelors and 1 master’s degree) makreting and programming I study by my own from books and web and it was not difficult for me to find new customers almost for free and it was planned to launch an affiliate program that would extremly maximize sales. I hawe a big potential client base in Ukraine, most of whom will agree to an affiliate program.

For Webinars I use plugin WebinarPress which allow HTML Embedding, IFRAME and HLS Streaming. But clients was confused by the large number of steps required to connect a stream through third-party services, it would be much easier to just insert the OBS key and start live streaming.

Remowe webinar sourse and URL by OBS key insert

It would be great if you know how and agreed to help me create broadcast service and modify the webinar plugin to make it easier for customers.

Of course, if you agreed to cooperate and we did it together, I would pay you, but … I am now in a difficult financial situation. I have no choice, to take a loan from a bank is a bad idea, to throw the project even worse. I have investors but they want to see the finished product in action, only then they will agree to fund fast scaling, new team members and a global marketing company.

The only thing I can offer you if you help me is partnership, to become a co-founder/programmer.

If you are interested in my offer, write me an e-mail mazjura@gmail.com